[CLOSED] Early access to control eWeLink scenes on Apple CarPlay!

Yes lets rock.

Pls send me the test link

Excellent news! Been waiting for this for a while! Sign me up please!!! :smiley:

Hi, would like to test this, however don’t have advanced subscription as of now.


@jose.diaz @faroce1503 @dm1 @ingeundfrank @webpar @hariskouroumpas @chrisplev @bborissov Plz check your DM :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like the link please.

As u wish :wink: have sent it via DM

Top :top: send me link please

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Top :top: send me link please

Send to me, please.

Thank you very much.
I’ll give it a try and let you know.

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@ritomar @vegvari.oszkar @hammer.84 Plz check your private message, happy testing!

We plan to release the official carplay-enabled version this week, so we are discontinuing this early access program, so please look forward to the official release!

We’re looking forward to those of you who have already been on board to share the results of your trysts with us, photos or video clips are great, but of course a blog post or youtube video would be wonderful!

Thanks @yitie and team for developing this. I have somehow missed all the early access but had seen in this evening on Facebook. App updated and scenes set!
Super development.

Thanks again!



When can we see android auto version😋

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DM TestFlight invitation please