📝 Early Access Enroll, eWeLink on Android Auto

Count me in!

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Enroll me please

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Hi Yitie, I am interested in the pilot for ewelink on Android Auto, if you can please enroll my account. I currently action ewelink devices via SmartThings on Android Auto.

Sure, will count you in.
Smartthings is a work around, hope the initial eWeLink on Android Auto would be better.

Please, enrol me, I’m very interested on my Volvo XC40 to check it out. Thanks

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Cześć, proszę dołącz mnie do wcześniejszej rejestracji dostępu do eWelink w systemie Android Auto.

Please send me android car software.
Thank you

I mean ewelink for android car. I have volvo s90 2017.

Please send me an invitation link for eWeLink AA.


Me too

I want to try it out

count me in

Please add me to early access

Thank you all, will send the download link once it‘s finished.

We are almost finish the develop part, will send the download link to you guys separately in two days.

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Tested on Audi A6 :grinning:

Beta version download link send separately by personal message, please check the message box you guys, thank you for joining us again.

Hi, it shows Error after I logged in my Google Account. Unable to download the beta version of APK.

yep, same issue by my self

@cz.mok88 @mario.slopar Please try again, i reset the permission for download.