eWeLink viability


Hi, I’ve been a user of eWeLink for several years. I’m really interested in Cast and several other initiatives but limited because eWeLink works with only a small subset of my Home Automation devices. Am I missing something?

My current home uses Homekit, so I run a Homebridge server which allows my SimpliSafe, Sonoff, Shelly, Wyze components to work together. I would love to use Cast and some of the eWeLink functionality but don’t see any way to bring it all together.

Rather little chance for large integration in one central hub.
Maybe some kind of webhook-based prosthesis…

Wow, I thought that was what eWeLink was trying to accomplish? I mean I don’t need everything in one screen at the same place but there are interactions and multiple system which add together to give you a meaningful picture of your status. I thought that was the long range plan for CAST and eWeLink.

May I ask what do you see as the over arching goal?

It is. But there’re lots of work. We have to build partnerships and develop integrations one by one. We hope Matter would better solve this issue, which is one of our focus now. Shelly and Wyze are both CSA members too.

@ward Why doesn’t eWeLink just focus on top-knotch Home Assistant support & quit making yet-another-ecosystem? HA already does a heck of a lot better than almost any other in unifying diverse smart-home devices. If you want to have a subscription model, focus on specific premium features worth subscribing for & leave the rest to Home Assistant. …This is coming from someone who’s invested almost exclusively in Sonoff smart devices & subscribes to your premium service.

Perhaps I don’t fully grasp your idea, but what about those who are far from HA?

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