Homey (home automation Athom NL)

Hello would it not be nice to have eWeLink integrated into Homey - I think together it will be a perfect match!
Or at least that there is a way to have the eWeLink app understand Homey or other way round. In the non supported area there was an integration available version 1.1 but newer versions are not anymore and why? I do not know

Homey and eWeLink have not yet cooperated, may be in the future.

Thank you! Is there another way to
Connect / interact like webhooks or API to my Athom Homey

Thank you

eWeLink web (VIP required) allows you to use webhook in Scenes, refer to this:

if homey support webhook, you may use the url in eWeLink scene, or use the url generated by eWeLink web to webhook homey.

Please do inform us when you have made the connection with HOMEY. It’s a realy big platform and more and more users are selecting products that are connectet to Homey

Hi Roel, yes I manage to connect Homey to EwLink using the WebHook. It looks basically like using IFTT :slight_smile: in my case I only needed an ON/OFF for my waterpump. So just basic stuff and easy to do! Here are the steps:

go to eWeLink web eWeLink Web
Login with your account and follow the How to create & use eWeLink Webhooks - eWeLink
looks like this:
Scherm­afbeelding 2ewelink
create device web hook:

When done copy the Webhooks ON and OFF (in section Scenes from eWeLink) these will be used in Homey Logica :slight_smile:

Create a virtual button (select apparaat) and make it an ON/OFF device give it a name and an icon.

Make 2 flows
1 x NORMAL flow (not an Adv.Flow) with the virtual device status ON, and
1 x NORMAL flow with the virtual device status OFF

For the app Logica use this card:

and use the COPIED Web hooks the Scene eWeLink

Use the Logica App to provide the web hook below you have the two examples flow OFF (uitgezet) and flow ON (aangezet)


When all is done - is should work like a charm. and yes you can combine it with the Advanced Flow :slight_smile: here is an example when the Flood sensor is active.

Hope it helps a little and have fun with Homey where the Advanced Flow is the BOMB! best regards,
Max Mackenzie