eWeLink Webhooks to combine eWeLink with other third-platform apps

In the new version of eWeLink Web V2.5.0 , one of the main updated features we want to introduce is Webhooks.

What is eWeLink Webhooks?

Similar to other webhooks function of other platforms, eWeLink Webhooks allows you to combine eWeLink power with other third platforms on your DIY smart life project.

Webhooks is a kind of flexible and highly-customized web request. You could choose Webhook as the trigger while setting smart device or smart scene as the actions, then you will get the unique Webhook URL.

With this URL, you can make eWeLink work with Youtube, work with Telegram, work with other apps that support Webhooks to trigger the linked scenes, achieving your DIY tasks.

How to create Webhook scene:

Step 1: Add scene, Choose Webhook as trigger and set the actions.

Step 2: Save Webhook scene and get the unique URL.

Tips: You can view this URL by clicking the Webhooks icon.

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I am getting the error message.
{"error":406,"msg":"The day has triggered the number exceeds the limit","data":{}}
How many times can you use the webhook per day?

Webhook is currently in beta function (At the end of April we will release an update that will allow webhooks to be an execution actions), with a temporary limit of 100 times per day now. If you feel you need more, could you please tell us how much you need and what the application scenarios are?

Webhooks a really simple and work well for me just how you have it. Very happy.

Application is during daylight hours ( producing solar ) 10am - 3pm
Every Minute check if enough energy is generated to run the hot water. If there is turn it on. If not turn it off.
I think 300 calls per day is a great amount which should allow for great functionality but stop you from getting overloaded.

Will webhooks require a paid service in the future? (i’m after a free service)

Webhook is a feature on the eWeLink Web, and the eWeLink Web is already a pay-for-use service, so it doesn’t charge twice.

What is an example of an execution function. Do you Mean you can find out if it is on or off and extra info?

I guess eWeLink put the webhooks feature in scenes setting, which means we can link other services as trigger and also actions, so eWeLink devices trigger other applet and triggered by others are possible also, if so, this will be quite interesting, like to try.

Thanks, Change of mind, Yearly subscription doesn’t sound too bad. if you get the subscription for the sole purpose of the webhook function and you only get 100 calls per day then that’s a lot of money for so few calls. Will be great if it gets increased to 300+ per day or even 500+

Not only webhooks, but they offer an advanced plan (check here https://vip.ewelink.cc) which includes several features and benefits like web version, shortcuts of keyboard for trigger scenes, linking with IFTTT etc, for me, it’s worth.

Do you think that is possible to have a kind of Webhooks with LAN support? maybe using as router for the calls a NSPanel Pro?

Basically I have a simple PHP server in the local network, this is calling the current version of the webhooks, but when internet is down, then my calls get lost.

Your Trigger (Any kind of App that is running on the local network) call the local Webhooks
NSPanelPro (as Local Server) will get the request and forward the call
Device/Scene (that will run on eWelink-Remote) will run the action

Will be greate if we can genarete local webhooks, in order to call them inside the local network without internet.