Webhook Limit

Hi, I’m trying to use webhook to turn a warning light on/off multiple times a day. I set it up and it stopped working and I get the message “error”:406,“msg”:“The day has triggered the number exceeds the limit”,“data”. I’ve seen multiple posts saying this limit will be lifted (from 2 years ago). What is the situation with this, if the limit can’t be lifted Ewelink is useless to me.

I would also be interested in that.

Hey @otlsoa @pipeecloud

Thx for the feedback!

Could U plz detail your use case and what usage shall meet your need? We will consider lifting it if that’s a highly-demanded or essential request.

Also if you rely on frequent web request for automations, our OpenAPI should be a better option - which is also free for personal usage.

I would like to build vending machines with sonoff switch and control it from my app. Webhook better solution for me.

Is the limit expected to increase?