I can't use my.advanced plan

I am paying for advanced plan but cannot reach any webhooks in web 3.0

Can I at least get a 2.x logon back?

Hi there, could you please provide some screenshots of your webhook scenes for further check?

how? I created webhooks under web v2. They still work fortunately but I don’t see any of them.in web 3.0 nor.did I find a.way to edit or create new.ones.

I.need.URLs to acrivate devices etc

Hi screenshot the current scene list is okay, it doesn’t matter if there are webhook scenes on it or not.

Could you please check again if you are logging into the right account? It’s weird

Seems ok.

So it’s been 20 days, no answer?

Hi there, I apologize for the delay in responding. We’ve recently returned from an extended Spring Festival holiday. As a result, the time taken to address the issue is longer than usual. We are working urgently to identify and resolve the problem you’ve encountered. We will update you with the latest information as soon as possible.

Hi there, we have identified the issue you encountered. The web page initializes the device loading from the first room of the first home. However, since you don’t have any rooms in your first home, the device initialization process gets stuck. As a result, the scene list is not correctly loaded and displayed.
To resolve this issue, you can add a room to the first home, refresh the page, and then check if the scenes are displayed correctly.

Thank you, this workaround worked.