Support/migration of eWeLink app scenes to iHost

I have more than 50 Sonoff devices controlled with eWeLink app manual and auto scenes. Currently it does not seem that I can import or synchronise these scenes with my iHost (running version 1.9). I have two questions/suggestions:
(1) Is it planned to provide importing / synchronising scenes between eWeLink app and the iHost?
(2) Which will take priority in execution and is it possible that the local iHost and the web app could get confused or “fight” to control devices through the scenes if the scenes are on both?


Currently no such plan as scenes in eWeLink app are excuted via eWeLink cloud, while the scenes in iHost is stored locally, normally the local scene would run faster then cloud, it is not suggested to create a same scene on both side.

I think you miss the point. The scene exists. It is necessary to move it. They do not simply want to duplicate it. At present we have to recreate it on the iHost and delete the cloud version. This takes much time if you have lots of devices. It would be helpful to be able to “cut” a scene out of the cloud and paste it onto the iHost. I too asked this as it is a something so time consuming I have not done yet.


Agreed - I have also been putting it off because I have a lot of manual and auto scenes. I was thinking that I will need to recreate the scenes one by one, disable it on the eWelink app and enable it on the iHost. Very time consuming.
I will probably leave it on the eWelink app in disabled state anyway for backup (and also until I fully trust and understand the behaviour of the iHost).

The other very time consuming annoying thing is that I have a Sonoff Zigbee Bridge (not pro) and lots of Zigbee devices paired to it. To pair them to the iHost I have to walk round with SIM card tool and repair all of them and they’re stuck to things so I can’t even collect them up. Literally going to be running between rooms. Would be much easier if there was some way to import them from the non-pro bridge. I think the Pro version has local mode so maybe it appears on the iHost.
Most of my scenes are related to heating management so I’m putting it off until it gets cold in the northern hemisphere. And I’ve had it months. It’s just so time consuming for people who already have lots of Sonoff stuff. Add flashing Tasmota onto the old stuff that isn’t compatible so it can connect…I need to dedicate a whole day to this.

I would be great if it was possible to backup scenes from the app and then restore on iHost?

I did used to want this but then I found Node Red on the iHost is much more powerful and, unlike the inbuilt scenes, had a backup facility. If I were you I’d just go straight to Node Red. I made the mistake of recreating all my scenes on the iHost and then moving them to Node Red.