About iHost

I wonder when SonOff will finaly let iHost users, the possibility to save and restore the setup of this device?
I would hate losing over 40 scenes & scenarios. At least, if we could print our actual scenes listing so that we remember what scene we have to rebuild.

Recreate your scenes in Node Red over time. That has a save and restore function. When I did this I ended up with just 1 scene stuck on the iHost and that was because it was a non-Sonoff zigbee 3.0 device.

That just leaves the Zigbee network to recreate but there is a format on GitHub used by ZHA and Zigbee2MQTT etc. Rather than coding a back up option it might be easier to code an automation for moving scenes to Node Red and saving in a standard open format the Zigbee network. If you could save scenes via node Red and the Zigbee network they’d be 99% there.

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I was thinking along those lines myself, especially as the majority of my home is on Smartthings and I didn’t want to use another rule engine.

Node-red is another story, more laborious but with great possibilities but I was put off by the need to use the eWelink Cube node. Maybe I’m confused but I thought that would mean the routines run via the cloud, and not local?

If so that would defeat the advantage of the iHost, at least for me, of running everything locally.

(I’m not using the Zigbee pairing on iHost but just bringing in all my older Sonoff LAN devices.)

Only if you run the node red server in the cloud. If you run the node red and the eWeLink Cube Server in the same place they connect directly for most devices. I have a few really old devices that lack a LAN mode, B1 mainly, that the iHost activates via the cloud. Assume the NS Panel Pro does it too.

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I wonder why they don’t want to add the backup function in ihost. unless they can’t do it :slight_smile: