I have just spent a coup[le of hours rebuilding my Ihost system… and still not finished. There must be a way of providing a system back? A simple all or nothing restore option, no need for selective restore. Even if the backup was a day or so old it would be better than nothing.
Losing a setup is catastrophic especially if, like me, you are partly disabled and heavily rely on automation.
Local control was a big selling point for IHost so sort it out PLEASE!

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For now recreate your automations in Node Red. It has a backup option and there is not much use of standard scenes. Hopefully you have not yet recreated the scenes yet.

That leaves Zigbee pairing again. There’s a standard format for Zigbee network files on GitHub that is used by other platforms. It could be added relatively easily. Then if you have all your scenes and Zigbee network backed up recreating the iHost is relatively simple and it would be a good gap stop till a full backup option can be instituted.

sorry for the trouble caused, I have reported this requirement to our development team and it may be implemented in the future.

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I’ve had the card crash twice after setting it all up. My iHost has been sitting in a cupboard for 6 months, I’m not wasting any more time on it until a backup is possible!


Thanks for your response but with respect it’s worthless!
I am not a techie that dabbles in everything so your suggestion is really not aimed at people like me. The ihost system is not, as far as I am aware, aimed at the advanced technical savvy user. I can work my way through lots of difficulties but that only get’s me so far.
The only way forward is to provide a simple backup of everything in one go. Then it is an easier way to recover to a working system albeit possibly a few days old.
Things are moving on in the smart home market, I’ve already invested a considerable amount of time and money, so your whole system could be overtaken by a more user friendly protocol. Once you lose us we are gone forever. You have a loyal user base so please provide a system that we can backup/restore and keep us happy.