Device disappears on ihost and device update

I have a problem lately and I don’t know why it happens, there is a specific device, a ZBMINI-L, that disappears from the sonoff ihost, this week I have had to pair it twice. Does that happen to anyone? I also wanted to ask if we can update the devices we have at home with ihost, because I previously had a z bridge P and with ewelink it told me the devices to update.

Greetings from Jesus.

my several devices disappeared from ihost after update 1.12.0 I don’t know why, but my automations keep breaking down.

Only the ZBMINI_L disappear for me, only those devices without power. It already happened to me that week 3 times. The program in Node red does not fail me or the automation.

I have had a few Zigbee devices disappear, but not repetitively. When the first couple disappeared I thought I was going mad but when the next two went I was sure it was the device. Of the 4 that have disappeared 3 are buttons (battery) and one Zigbee mini.
There’s a standard file type for Zigbee networks that is used by, at least Zigbee to Home Assistant (ZHA) and Zigbee2MQTT. It’s on GitHub. I think they should let us backup our Zigbee networks so if anything disappears we can just restore the saved network. It’s quite a lot of work pairing everything. I don’t fancy going through that again. Both Node Red and Home Bridge have back up options so I avoid the built in scenes. Can you imagine having to recreate all your scenes if you needed to start again. I personally think they should allow scene backup but that sounds like lots of work. Backing up a Zigbee network to a standard open file type that already exists though…

What I did is a copy of the setting.jc and flows.joson files and I have them saved on the PC, I don’t use mqtt, I have ihost + node red. What would be annoying is having to pair all the devices, but there are only 31 LOL.

Hi, can you provide the specific device models, and the way they were added to iHost?


1 was a Sonoff Zigbee Mini. 3 were buttons from other manufacturers that I moved over from Home Assistant and worked before and after. I don’t remember who the manufacturers were. Everything was Zigbee and directly connected to the iHost.

4 of 28. So most stayed. Also not sure related to update. They just disappeared

I have missed the ZBmini-L several times, the ones that do not have neutral. and the way to pair them like other devices:

1.- Press 5s until the device flashes.
2.- open ihost and press +, select add zigbee device.
3.- Hit the pair and wait for it to find it.
4.- Give it a name and location,

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Same to me
ZBMINI-L2 fw version 1.0.14
Ihost version 1.13.0
I changed for another Zbmini and the problem persists.
I even installed zigbee repeaters (Tuya and one brandless).
After I repair the Zbmini the signal is always good. All the scenes and Telegram integrations work (via Node-RED).
Although, after a day or two the device simply disapear (not even going to offline)
I have another Zbmini in another room and it has never gone missing

It has happened to me once again, the ZBMINI-L2 has disappeared.
What Tuya amplifier do you use?

I bought these two from Aliexpress:

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Hi all. I have lost two sonoff thermostatic radiator valves of three installed in my home. Unfortunately I can’t see the device version for unconnected devices but the alive one shows 1.1.1. My iHost version is 1.13.3.
I’m really scared to add new devices…

Please post or send me the system log.
Sorry for the inconvenice.

Hi @SuiKa, you can find attached the system log (2.9 MB)

Any idea @SuiKa ? thanks in advance

From the log, the device was manually unpaired so it went offline automatically.
Did you pair it to other host?

Im having same problem but with zbminil router, firmware version says 0.0 on ihost? Ant troubleshoot for this?

Please submit your system log and elaborate the problem.