iHost Disapointment

I have the setup an iHost so as to run all my devises and scenes locally. Its updated and running with the Ewelink add in. I have found out that its not possible to copy or migrate my Smart Scenes and secondly I cannot create the smart scenes I have on my phone Ewelink app, as the iHost does not have the functionality. No Sunrise or Sunset triggers for example. So from my point of view it is useless / pointless as its simply not useable. I feel sick with disappointment!


I feel the same. trying to load node red to be able to do more things but so far did not succeed. I get it up and running but failed to access outside resources. I need to work more on it and hope it will give me the capabilities missing in ewelink


Wish it had local DNS table so I could hard code every local device.

The copying scenes thing is pretty stupid and when I first got an iHost I was disappointed but the NodeRED actually opens up more possibilities. For example Iā€™m pretty sure you could do the sunrise/sunset thing by connecting it to WeatherAPI docker that appears by default in the docker section. Sunrise/Sunset are usually considered part of weather. For example I talk between my Home Assistant and the iHost using NodeRED/MQTT and get my live Gas and total electricity usage using NodeRED/MQTT. Onboarding process definitely needs improving. Not being able to copy scenes is pretty stupid too. Also being able to get numbers into Node-Red but no way to get them into an eWeLink graph without learning about the eWeLink Cube API and creating a new tile. And not being able to get power usage and temperature/humidity from POW and TH devices into NodeRED (not Zigbee temp/humidity).

Lots is stupid points but really it is mainly the onboarding process that really sucks.