7 sins of ihost

Hi. After few moths with ihost i am still waiting for few things… few changes, because there is a big potential, many promises, and few flops

  1. NSpanel (not pro) is recognized only as a regular switch, no configuration access or temperature read out on ihost
  2. supports ONLY devices with lan control option, none of my smartplugs are recognized and supported
  3. no possibility to configure ihost by ewelink, without tailscale
  4. only few supported plugins in docker
  5. lack of support for other big brands devices: tuya, hikvision, ezviz
  6. wifi module still not available
  7. no support for useful conditions in scenes (sunrise, sunset, local weather, user gps location, etc.)

Also would be nice if menu and tts would support polish language, probably poland is a one of biggest markets for sonoff, and it can be even bigger.

  1. You can access dashboards from the iHost so you can do limited configuration such as arming/disarming etc. There could be more but their main interface doesn’t work well on small screens like the NSPP has.
  2. Isn’t true. My B1 bulbs and Pow R1 appeared in the last update and they don’t have.a local mode. Basic R1 is still missing though. It depends which device you have.
  3. I agree there are a few things that need to be doable from a small screen, but it doesn’t need to be in the app. Turning on Zigbee pairing is the most annoying example.
  4. Many docker images are designed to run on X86 CPU architecture. If they put an X86 CPU in the device I think it would be very much more expensive.
  5. Tuya devices often don’t use standard protocols. They are a PITA in general, particularly wifi ones where to run devices locally you have to request an extension in the developer account you have to create every few months. Never used the other two brands.
  6. I used to want the wifi to work because it meant you had more options where to put the device so as to be able to arm/disarm etc. Now I think I would just add a Zigbee button and like the reliability of Ethernet.
  7. You can do all that in Node Red or Homebridge. I don’t really know why anyone creates many scenes using the main iHost interface when the Node Red one is much more powerful. I suspect an awful lot of things people might want are already possible and so they put little energy into recreating things in their own interface. I would much prefer they put energy into things like allowing Zigbee pairing from a small screen and enabling the Zigbee/thread radio to run both protocols.
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Yes POW R1 appeared as “unsupported yet” … No any power or temperature data on R1 switches.

The POW original I have do not have local network control and those have LAN symbols. Are you sure those aren’t TH 1s? My POW R1 and B1 definitely appear on the iHost but I have some early versions of basic and TH line that are still not available on the iHost.