iHost node-red pallets?

Newbie 🗸 yes
Issue - iHost , watching lots of videos, can we truly disconnect from the Borg ?

Is it even possible after setting up ? Run our automation completely off iHost ???

Certainly since 2023-2024 a lot of start to, but petering off “how to videos” and lack of knowledgeable support, maybe just to complex for a beginner to even start.

I was really hoping I could simply install Node red and get any kind of automation happening, so far I have had to use the already setup conditions that work wonderfully on the devices alone, but not with Docker. Using the Pretty basic scene control I seem to have more conditions than that of simply by using the App on just my iPhone. Programming thru a portal from a web page on my computer seems to be the way to go. But not at all what Node-Red promises.

So, how does it work?

Pallets seem to install, but connections don’t appear to automate. I have installed Flic, Meross, Lifx, and of course eWelink. On another topic, of the two zigbee devices I purchased, both were returned. The Amazon link for the items I have and have had, are now no longer available. Leviton unsupported and HomeKit full of bugs, our HomePod now plays music in a foreign language. Nothing seems to work as promised. But they can certainly sell the product “buyer beware” , I just don’t believe it will be compatible for the speed of the changing technology of matter.

Giving up on Node-Red for a while , until something convincing happens here.

iHost - Pass on devices to docker container - eWeLink CUBE - eWeLink Forum

Node-red is def not for most users, and neither are these complex features of iHost.

But you have to start somewhere?