[IDEA] Allow interaction with iHost hardware from Node-RED

I completely discovered the power and fun of Node-RED, but a few things I really miss right now is the ability to interact with the hardware of the iHost.

Some of the ideas I have:

  • Light up / blink one of the RGB front leds in a specific color.
  • Make nightrider effects / rainbow glow effects / etc. with the front RGB leds.
  • Record sound with the onboard microphone.
  • Play audio files and TTS on the onboard speaker. In combination with the microphone ideal for localized voice command execution.
  • Some buttons at the top of the iHost do nothing. It would be great to assign it to a Node-RED flow. The same goes for the lights behind those buttons.

This is part of our planned feature, but due to staffing, we may be spending more time on system stability and reliability at the moment - the next version of Node-Red node update is scheduled for September

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Bummer that it will take that long, but I do understand the priorities.