IHOST FIRMWARE 1.11.0 eWelink Gateway


I have just upgraded to V 1.11.0 and have been desperately awaiting input from s-mate’s and R5’s into the iHost for some of my automations, It seems though that you can only pair a remote device (smate etc) directly to the iHost, this is a shame as it falls short for me as the iHost can not be installed in a location that would be in range of all of my smate / R5 devices.

Is there going to be support for eWelink remote devices that are already paired directly to gateway switches around the network

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Thanks for your feedback, we have noted this requirement and it will be evaluated by the development team.

Hi Teki, I have just found another problem in my planned use, the s-mate’s can be seen in node red using the listener, but there is no output in the debug window when you operate the switch that it connects to, I know the s-mate’s are working as I have local scenes set up within the iHost using the same s-mate’s that are working fine.

hi, did you update toe ewelink-cube platte to V1.1.0?
we’ve done some test and didn’t have this issue, can you post a video? and please send the Node-red logs (on the node-red docker page - Log tab) via the feedback button on Settings page, thank you.
if you submit a feedback, please let me know the ticket ID.