Ihost, sunrise sunset in scenes?

As the subject says. Any way to integrate sunrise and sunset into scenes on my iHost ? I understand its a local server and such information is usually grabbed from the web somewhere. Is there a local solution ?

Pretty sure I saw somewhere the weather was on their road map. Can’t remember which month it is supposed to arrive. Assume it is polling the web and will include sunrise/set then.

great thanks for the answer, i assume it would be able to gather the sunrise/set data for more than a day at a time. cheers

Sunset/sunrise functionality is not yet planned, the Node-red add-on can now implement some schedule automations. Can you describe what automation would you like to set?

I was wanting to replicate my lighting scenes that were previously activated by sunrise sunset times. You have the function in the normal ewelink app. I can’t see why it can’t be added to the firmware of the iHost as it has a clock and basic calendar function. the sunset times would be just another few k of code ? The node red add on relies on connecting to the web afaik and this level of basic function really should not require running node red. Thank you for the replies ))

iHost: how to set sunset sunrise automation with Node-RED

The video Alex posted above shows how to create automations base on sunset/sunrise, you can have a try.
About the internet connection, I think for accurate sunrise and sunset times, it is better to check online.