Scenes in i-Host

Within the i-Host, in the automatic scenes and in the manual ones; it should be possible to choose a time frame in which the scenes were effective.

Speaking of Secen on iHost:

  • When setting conditions (If…) there is only the possibility of “Smart Dveices” and “Timer”
  • As an answer to the condition (Then…), there is only the possibility of “Smart Dveices” and “Delay” - up to 1 hour

I think that this is insufficient… In some future upgrades, it is necessary to consider the possibility of adding:

  • Sunrise/Sunset
  • Manual scenes (Smart scenes)
  • Delay “Delay” times
    as implemented in the eWelink application

You should also look at the possibility of additions:

  • setting logical conditions (Mixed AND and OR, NOT),
  • setting the from-to date as a logical condition
  • the possibility of sending a message in response to a condition in the eWelink application (somewhat with iHost - “SoundAlarm” and “Text to speech”).
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Yes, we are also aware of the lack of current scene capabilities, and will continue to add new capabilities in the next few versions to support it to meet more usage scenarios.

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I hope it will be soon

Has there been any progress on this?

I have had to use node red to setup a sunset trigger. This is quite an elementary feature , that most would normally expected to have in home automation system.

I cant find a native way to set a simple timer that turns a device off, at set length of time after it was turned on.
Maybe this feature is there but I can not see it.

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The sunrise and sunset trigger of the smart scene feature is on our development roadmap. expected to be available in the first half of this year.

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