Option to activate the scene only after sunset or sunrise?

Instead of setting a “from-to” time range, sometimes a range from “sunset” to XXh would be preferable. For example, for controlling night lighting. This now requires manual adjustment as the days get longer or shorter.


This would indeed be a great feature.

Hi jam, you’re asking to extend the before/after time span of sunrise/sunset, right? It sounds cool and it also has been mentioned before. We add it to the discussion list and our team will evaluate this feature later. Thanks for the idea!

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I know it sounds cool :slight_smile: Thanks. For example, I would be great to set nightlights or motion detector to be active between sunset and 1AM. Or any combination of the type “between sunset/sunrise and XXh”.

That can be achived with three easy scenes.

Start Scene



Motion Detector scene

Stop Scene

Time of Day
Everyday 1 AM


Motion Detector scene

Motion Detector scene


Motion detected



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In three simple steps, you say?

I reckon, the Motion Detection Scene already exist. So you only need to type in two scenes.

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With iHost it’s not possible. There’s no sunset/sunrise setting.

Hold on !!!
I’m still waiting for my iHost to arrive.
Are you telling me that there’s no sunset/sunrise options in scenes ?
That makes it worthless for me then.

Yes, I’m telling you that there’s no sunset/sunrise options in iHost scenes. But don’t panic, please. If your sunset/sunrise scenes are for devices other than ZigBee, you can use cloud-based scenes. In short, all WLAN capable devices are synchronised between eWeLink cloud (app, web) and iHost. All ZigBee devices are controlled locally only. Therefore, scenes for any interaction must be local since ZigBee is not synced or cloud-mapped in any way. BTW, there’s also no go for Alexa/Siri/Google with ZigBee on iHost for now. If you look at iHost road map, you’ll certainly see Matter support scheduled for Q4.
Bear in mind that iHost is meant for local control in the first place. It is for enthusiasts and is in constant development. All iHost users are somehow involved in this project. Just be adventurous :sunglasses:

You could use Node-RED for that in combination with any node that has sunset/sunrise options.

@jam3 @joennuh @kalle-ol Hey guys, our team is considering exdending the range of sunset/sunrise. We’d love to know your requirements! How long do you guys need? Maybe one hour, or two hours? Please drop your suggestions here.

Extending? In iHost there’s no sunset/sunrise setting at all. What I had on mind is any option that allows to start or/and end any time-depended scene, i.e. you have lights that you want to be on from sunset to 1 am or till dawn. Since the length of the day changes naturally, the hour-to-hour setting needs to be adjusted periodically.
As for now and only within eWeLink app, there’s this option that can trigger some action once at sunrise or sunset. It complicates creating scenes because you need to set a scene that triggers another scene to (dis)activate.

That would be a great feature

The “Valid period” setting for scenes indeed has no sunset/sunrise options at all. Not to confuse with sunset/sunrise as trigger. So just copy the options for sunset/sunrise as trigger to the “Valid period” setting for scenes.

And as for the offset question: I believe -6 to +6 hours for both sunrise and sunset with intervals of 30 minutes will be suitable to me.

Hi there, actually, we have added the option of sunrise/sunset to effective period to our roadmap. It will be implemented in future updates.

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Thank you, guys.

Great news :+1:

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Any progress with the option?