Scene to contol light/plug with Motion Sensor but only after sunset


Is it possible to make a scene that controls a light or plug with a motion sensor but only when it is dark outside (after sunset)??
I have the Advanced plan.

Thanks for any support.

There’s an old device I think called the S1 which has multiple sensors, including a luminosity one. However it sucks. In theory you could create a scene where it has to be dark and motion is sensed for it to trigger but they really need to update the S1 or have a luminosity sensor.

An alternative if you are willing to use a third party would be to use a third party service such as Olisto. You can create two necessary triggers in that app I think. Will tend to break occasionally because it’s a third party link. Depends how critical it is.

Pretty sure you could do it locally using the Home Assistant software too, but then you probably have to buy a Raspberry Pi and a micros SD card.

Just checked. The eWeLink app calls it an “SC”. Mine however says it is normally bright. There are streetlights out there but it should at least be dusky. I generally ignore it.