Day night sensor

Is there a SonOff day night sensor available on the market?
I want to make a scene that closes all the lights exept when it is dark outside.

If it does not exist, I am thinking of using a Basic2 to be activated on subset and desactivated on sunrise. The I’ll make a scene as “if Basic2 is ON then do someting” “If Basic2 is OFF then do someting else”.

The latter solution should work. There is no such sensor on offer. There are other manufacturers, all of which I know of are Zigbee and are for indoor use. There is no guarantee that they will work with the eWeLink platform.

I think this can be done more simply (if I understood your intentions correctly) by activating an automatic scene at sunset, the trigger of which will be the light switch that is to be turned on at night. I have been turning on night lighting in a similar way for several months
and motion sensors on . Maybe I’ll post some screenshots to make it easier to understand me… :slight_smile:

Hello, only a question: are the screenshot taken from iHost scenes configuration page?
I’m trying to create a scene to be activated at sunset but the option is not available. I can do it only via Ewelink APP.

You can’t because it’s from eWeLink Web. But you can use Node Red to facilitate this or simply use the app and processing in the eWeLink cloud.

I use bigtimer node for this operation. I created a trigger which I use as a condition for many other tasks. I found this way somewhere on YouTube and it works perfect for me.

For opening a security light during night time only, with a P.I.R. sensor:

I used a dedicated “SonOff S31 Lite” “power socket#1” that is actionned at SunSet by a scene#1, “On” during Night time. And a scene#2 that is actionned at SunRise, “Off” during Day time.
So, “power socket#1” will be “On” all night time and “Off” all day time and can be use in other scenes.

I also made an other scene#3 that do this:
If “P.I.R.”(movement) is activated AND “power socket#1” is “On” (Both conditions true)
Then do this: “Open Light Bulb X” (set to inching X minutes)

if your “Light Bulb X” CAN’T be INCHING, your scene#2 will need to activate an other “power socket#2” with inching capacity, and ad an other scene#4 that will “Open Light Bulb X”, if “power socket#2” is “On”.

Doing so, the “Light Bulb X” will lite ONLY during night time for X minutes.