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When it comes to eWeLink scene, we know how important it is to automate our home. With the release of eWeLink App V4.24, more options are available. For example, Stop option is available to Dual R3/Dual R3 Lite. It can be set as a Condition or Action. Also, TH16 can be added to Action.

These features are originated from users’ suggestions. If you have any suggestions to add more options in eWeLink Scene, feel free to let us know in the comments! More possibilities from more suggestions and ideas!

I live in South Africa, where we often have rolling blackouts, called Load Shedding, where certain blocks get turned off for 2 to 4 hours at a time, to preserve our ailing electrical grid from collapse. As a direct result I have had to install solar and battery backup to get me through a blackout. So, when a blackout occurs, I would need a scene triggered on the Online/Offline status of a device connected directly to the municipal grid.

The idea is as follows:

Scene 1:

  1. Blackout starts
  2. Device connected to mains goes offline
  3. After 5min (for instance) trigger scene “Blackout”
  4. Turn off Smart plugs connected to high energy appliance (like kettles)


  1. Blackout is over
  2. Device Connected to mains goes Online
  3. After 5min (for instance) trigger scene “Power Restored”
  4. Turn on smart plugs connected to high energy appliance (like kettles)

So, basically, using a Sonoff device as a smart contactor.


Check this out, it seems to have been made for your scenario:
Sonoff Smart Load Shedding Sensor | Sonoff Africa

I would like to have some flag or something similar in a scene configuration that indicates an aggregation condition. I will explain, when you set up a scene to turn on one or more lights using SPanel Pro, to turn it off you need to create another scene that turns off the lights. So far so good, the point is that in SPanel Pro, both scenes are displayed. If it were possible to aggregate them, clicking on the scene would turn on the lights and clicking again would turn off the lights. This behavior occurs when you turn a device on or off.

Hi Chris, thank you so much for this cool idea! It would be a nice addition to our features. We have noted it down and brought it to our team.

My ‘wishlist’ contains among others:

*A repeat/loop structure.
Use case: The Motion sensor detects movement. I would like as a form of ‘alarm’ all lights to go on and off for
let’s say 5 minutes, or 35 times or whatever loop. These should be settings in the Scene-dashboard.

*Random time-interval, eg linked to sunset.
Use case: When on holiday it is easy to schedule lights on or off AT A FIXED TIME, or even Sunset+some
delay. I would like something like 'sunset + or - a random number of minutes (e.g. between -30 and 30)

Hi there, adding looping actions to the Scene sounds cool. Currently, we can add multiple Delays to the action, so when the motion sensor detects movements, the light will be turned on and then off in several minutes or seconds.
Previously, we post an instruction article similar to the scenario you mentioned.
We’ll note down your ideas first. We will keep you posted if there is any plan to implement them. Thank you so much for the ideas.