Scenes does not enabled or disabled from a manual scene or from auto scene

Hi. This is a major bug. Please fix it.

One simple example to demonstrate the bug is this.

Lets say that motion sensor SNZB-03 with the name “Motion 1 pc” is in “No motion detected” state and you set manual a Socket in ON state. All connected with hub Sonoff ZB Bridge-P.

Lets make one auto scene with name “Test”:

Motion 1 pc
No motion detected

Socket OFF
Delay 10 sec
Socket ON
Push notification

Lets make one manual scene with the name “Enable Test”

Tap to perform

Test enable

Lets make one manual scene with the name “Disable Test”

Tap to perform

Test disable

When you save the scene Test or enabled manual (toggle switch on screen), it reads the state of the sensor, Socket goes OFF, after 10 sec goes ON and receive the notification. Everything working just fine!

If you run the manual scene “Enable Test” the scene Test didn’t enabled at all. Problem!

If you disable manual the scene (toggle switch on screen), in 8 sec the scene stops and the socket remains OFF. The Delay stops and the Socket ON does not executed and you don’t receive notification. Everything working just fine!

If you run the manual scene “Disable Test” in 8 sec the Delay still counter and the Socket ON will executed and you receive notification. So the scene Test didn’t disabled at all. Problem!

Same problem if you make a auto scene that disable Test in 8 sec.

Please fix this.
The auto or manual control of the scenes is a very powerful tool and now is useless.

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Hi there, could you please attach the screenshot of the scene log about this test?

Hello. Here the scenes log. All manual scenes are successful but they don’t work. They do not enable or disable the “Test” scene.
You can try it.

Auto scene “Test”:

Manual scene “Enable Test”:

Manual scene “Disable Test”:

In my experience an already running scene can not be disabled during that execution. The already running scene will finish the execution first. In some cases it might be usefull to have the already running scene aborted and in other case you don’t want to let that happen.

You say: “The already running scene will finish the execution first.”

No it does not finish the execution, if you manual disable it (meaning with your finger touching the slide icon.)

What the point of command “Enable/Disable auto scenes” if the command do NOT work?

For example, in my house if the front door is opened and stay opened, i want the light of the front door to remain on.

If the door closed, i want the light to close after 5 mins.

This simple task its impossible to make it happened, because if i close the door for 4 min and opened again the light will go off after 1 min. Problem because i want the light to go off after 5 min from the last time i closed the door.

Am i wrong?

Can you make one scene that works the way that i want?

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This is the disadvantage of scenes. You need a more intelligent system. For example a variable that counts the amount of time between open and close and then decide on base of the value whether the light should stay on. Such intelligent automation can only be achieved with third-party software like Home Assistant and Node-RED.

The features I’m asking for already exist in the app.
The problem is that they don’t work properly.

When you enable or disable a scene manually, the process works correctly.
But when the same activation or deactivation is done through the command “Enable/Disable auto scenes” then a problem arises and must be corrected.
This is a bug and needs to be fixed.


I have the same problem btf. :frowning:
I use SNZB-01 with NSPanel PRO. Switch to ON a MiniR4. eWeLink gets the status from the MiniR4; it switched ON. But the scenes does not recognize the changed status, so it doesn’t run.
BUT if i do it with e.g an S-Mate (which use also eWeLink remote protocol), the scene run properly!
(((Just to clear: S-mate added to eWeLink with a MiniR3, which is offline at this moment, so the scene doesn’t work properly because they connect to each other)))
Plus: offline, i can switch the miniR4 with eWeLink app, or with the S-Mate (which is not connected into it), but with the R5 (which is connected to the miniR4) i cant control it…

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Hi there, thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We apologize for the inconvenience you’re experiencing. We suggest that you submit a support ticket through the eWeLink App so that our support team can gather more detailed data to help locate the problem. This will enable us to provide a better solution to you.

The problem never fixed.
Disabled scenes works.

example 1:

example 2:

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Dear Stephen!
This is an active and I think a very serious problem. For me SmartControl means that I can - if I want - manually controll automatic task, I can start or stop them regardless of time or scedule.
I want to set up three temperature range to switch and I want them to be switched manually. I also want three small widget of them on the screen of the android phone.
For the three temperamenture ranges I sat up 2x3 SmartControll: each temperamenture range on/off state. With one manual button I want to turn on/off off the other scenes.
Perhaps I don’t use it well or don’t really understand its work, perhaps my biggest problem is that

  • I don’t get any feedback wether my scene is active or not or
  • which of my scenes is currenly active!

And if I turn on lets say my 2nd scene, I don’t see them to be activated in the automatic list.
Everything is up to date, I have a THR320D with thermostat.

it would be also very helpful to see the temperature/humidity (other) datas on the top of the app or my phone…

Thank you for your efforts in advance!

I didn’t give up and didn’t belive, this company (Sonoff) is making such a mistake. I had (halfly) right. So. My only problem, that I don’t get feed back and the automatic scenes don’t refresh just when a new scene is modificated!!! As soon I create or delete a scene the scenes that was activated in the Manual program logic become active or deactivated!

So the only need - but it is urge - is to get visual feedback of the running, manually activated task/scene!!!

Also want:

  • smaller widgets for manual scenes
  • widget for temp/humidity status

Next day update…
Last night I was happy with the results. I tried to run the same tasks without any succes. Manual scenes are not working, they are not updating and not just the activate/deactivate buttons, but the relay either. Just if I modify one of the autoscenes and save. Manual scenes work only then… :frowning:

Thank you!!!


I had the same problem, the - kind-of - solution is in the logic, how you set up the manual scenes and the fact is that you don’t get any visual feedback that the task has started or not. For me it starts now but in the auto scene list it doesn’t get activated/deactivated just if you modify some of the scenes!
At the manual scene side I set deactivated all of the scenes I don’t want first and then I put into the program list the task I want.
This is how it works for me for now. It took my half of the day…
Also I asked the devs to imrpove the feedback, to show which manual scene is active at the certain moment.

Best wishes, Mark

Hi guys,

For scenes that are already executing, disabling them manually, they will be stopped instantly, while disabling them via other auto scenes won’t. We’re already working on a fix to stop them instantly, and we expect to see it in the November release!

For enabling auto scenes, if you enable them manually, they will be executed once the trigger conditions are met. If you enable them through auto scenes, they will not be executed even if the trigger conditions are met.
This logic is to prevent different scenes from calling each other and falling into a logic loop so that the server resources are over-utilized and problems occur.

If there are any other suggestions, you are welcome to discuss them!

Hi songal.

You say: “If you enable them through auto scenes, they will not be executed even if the trigger conditions are met.”

What is the point to have the option to enable them, if they don’t execute?

You say: “This logic is to prevent different scenes from calling each other and falling into a logic loop so that the server resources are over-utilized and problems occur.”

To solve this my have time restrictions so the routines stops is they call (for example) 10 other routines in less then 5 mins.
OR the routines stops if they call each other for more than 10 times.

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I apologize for not expressing that fully and causing you to misunderstand.
Let me explain it in two situations:
The precondition is that the triggering condition of Auto Scene A has been satisfied, At this time, if you use another scene to enable Auto Scene A, Auto Scene A will not be executed immediately, but will be executed only after its triggering condition is satisfied next time;
When the precondition is that the trigger condition of Auto Scene A has not been met, using another scene to enable Auto Scene A, it will be executed as soon as its trigger condition is met.

We have considered allowing Scene A to perform an action that triggers Scene B, causing a short-term loop to exist, but we are still validating the frequency and time-length of the loop so that it does not impact server performance.

Similar problem.
I need the relay to turn on at a temperature below or equal to +5. But this should only happen between 23:00 and 7:00.
There are two ways:

  1. More simple. Create a scene for turning on the relay at T≤5 with an effective period of 23:00 - 7:00.
  2. More complex. Create the same scene without specifying the effective period and create a scene to turn this on at 23:00 and a scene to turn this off at 7:00. Total 3 scenes.

Both options work without problems if the temperature drops below +5 after 23:00, when the scene is already effective or enabled.
But if the temperature is already below +5 before 23:00, then nothing works and the relay does not turn on.
It turns out that there is no way to implement such simple automation.

Dear Dmitry,
The effective period of the scene is only used as a state condition to assist in determining whether the trigger condition is all met, and cannot be used as a trigger source.

In order to achieve the effect you want,You can add a secondary scene after adding this one above.
If(all conditions are met)
1.Time of Day 23:00,
Turn on the relay.

This doesn’t work as I need. This checks once at 23:00 for the temperature condition. But I need constant temperature tracking from 23:00 to 7:00 and turn on the relay if it drops below 5. The rest of the time it should remain inactive.

Maybe I didn’t express it clearly, I meant create 2 scenes,

This is the first one:

This is the second one:

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