Bug in scenes

I have a problem creating simple scenes for example if motion sensor is triped basic r3 on delay 3 min and after that i can not chose same device to turn it off,same goes for sonoff mini

For a single Switch device, the same device can not be in the same scene inside both as a trigger and as the implementation of the action

This is the most basic type of scene,how to solve this?

If you have a motion sensor activating it on “motion detected” then you can deactivate it from another scene by selecting “no motion detected”. Use the delay in the scene “no motion detected”

There is also a feature in the setting called “inching” which will set a timer countdown to auto turn off although its only available in WiFi devices I think.

There is no such option in my case and i use rf sensors with ihost,also if i use inching it will turn the light off no matter what.

I see… Most likely comes down to the sensor and how often it is updating the motion detected. With inching, every time it turns on the device it will reset the timer.