Trigger a device ( if lamp is offline)

I am wondering if we can create a scene using the condition : if lamp is OFFLINE then turn on Generator.
I mean to trigger a device in case another device is offline and not OFF. Please how can I do this. Because I need to turn on the generator when the power goes off On a device. (The generator already has a power backup)

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Not support this feature because the devices OFFLINE happens, no matter the router’s issue or ISP failure or something else, lots of cases may cause the wrong action chain.

This is a “in the meantime” suggestion until someone comes up with a “offline” trigger.
How about putting a camera on something in there.
How about putting a ribbon hanging down being blown by a fan. You can pull up the camera, see if something is okay or not, and remotely turn the generator on

Yes it is a bit silly that this event (device is offline) is able to generate a notification in the eWeLinkApp but does not appear as an input for a scene.

“If device is offline for 5 minutes… trigger scene”

We need more event triggers for the scenes.

a case of mine
there’s a light switch that I set ‘power-on-state’ to ON
then I would like this light switch to trigger when it is ON, turn on few more other lights. It works if I use app to turn it on/off (physically switch is ON).
Now if I turn it off physically while it is ON, then I turn it on right afterward, the routine can’t be triggered. I guess it is not recognizing state from OFFLINE to ON, it can only recognize state from OFF to ON