Offline alert scene

Hi sir
I have a suggestion could help very well
When i build a scene i need an option if the device get offline then switch on an other device For example device A and device B
If device A offline alert then switch on device B
I hope you take my suggestion into consideration, it will help me a lot and so many people tgank you

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May i ask what’s the specific case you will be used with this feature?

We do have a 5 min offline alert for some devices, but haven’t integrated it with scene yet.

I have a warehouse far from home when I lose connection there I may not pay attention to the offline allert on the phone
When connection lost I need a smart interrupteur switch on an alarme in my house

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Hey zaid, we noted down this request, but haven’t a solid plan to support that, i think security kits are more suitable for your case, not rely on the offline status of a device.

Please consider my request, that’s all I need
Thank you

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