Device offline as a scene trigger

I know that I can get notified if a device went offline for more than 5 minutes… but I need to do something when this happens and I cannot currently do thar.

There is no trigger in scenes for offline, only on and off, could you please add “goes offline” as a trigger for scenes?

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Hi there,

May I know why you need a trigger like “Device offline”?

I have two providers for electricity … main one and a secondary one… I pay for the secondary 8 times what it costs me on the main. I want to trigger some devices off when the main line is offline so that I decrease the amount of power drawn from the secondary line.
Knowing that the two devices should be on at all times when online and there are an automatic switch circuit to prefer the main.
The main source of electricity is not available all the time, so I need to know when it is offline (no electricity) to trigger devices off

Hi, @e.fashho, while not the solution you want, an option might be to use a small 220V relay powered from Main (expensive) grid. Then monitor the contacts of this relay using a MiniR2,.The MiniR2 powered from your Backup (expensive) power. This presumes your Backup power is available and convenient to always power your MiniR2. I use a similar system to turn-off non-essential loads in grid failure to prlong battery life. Hope that helps.

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Thanks for your reply,
The system I have is like this.
I have an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch Changeover) that has two inputs: the main line (regular) connected directly as the preferred source of power and a second line (expensive) connected through a SONOFF POW2.
The main line has a MiniR2 connected over it to monitor when the main is available to switch on devices.

I don’t understand where should I connect the miniR2 and how. could you please explain on what inputs should I connect ?

Hi there @e.fashho , I did a drawing for you to use as a guide.
Please note if you are uncertain, please refer to an electrician or suitably experienced person. You must use a relay to separate the two pwr circuits.
With this relay you power the coil from the Mains, so that the contacts close (NO) if Mains available.
The MiniR2 monitors this relay from the S1/S2 terminals (volt-free).
The MiniR2 must be powered from backup power as this is always available, which will keep MiniR2 online.
As an option you could even wire an indicator light to the L.Out of the Mini.R2 which would show you when Mains is on.

There would be a few ways to do this, but from your description, I think this would work for you.

An alternate to this worth checking is if your ATS does not have dry contacts which you could monitor directly without a relay.

Hope this is of use to you.

This has been asked so many times but for some reason they don’t want to or can’t get it done!

I had a similar request to deal with rotational blackouts in South Africa and then some third party device was recommended that’s quite pricey. I ended up just building my own using some NO/NC relays, pilot lights and some basic r2 switches.

It’s very annoying though since a simple trigger could save a lot of effort and money.

I guess because it has to communicate back to some cloud service somewhere, would make it quite troublesome and unreliable; which brings up another request for a local (on site) “server” that would solve that issue.

Sonoff has so much potential but it’s being hampered by a lack of vision/understanding/intuity…

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my Sonoff automation but I just think it can do so much better!

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