MiniR4 Switch Trigger in Detached Relay Mode

I hope that this is the correct place to ask. Feel free to point me in the right direction, if not!

I am testing out the MiniR4. It is great, by the way. :grinning:

It has a “Following” mode that is very useful, but I would like to be able to detect when Switch 1 and Switch 2 actually change state, not just when the state of the load changes. Is this possible? Only the status of the load (light on/off) shows up as a potential trigger for a scene.

The description of “Detached Relay” mode implies that I can trigger a scene based upon the switch(es) changing state, but I have not been able to figure out how to do that. Perhaps, that description is actually referring to using a remote switch or assuming that I have a smart switch attached to the MiniR4, but I want a normal wall switch in front of my MiniR4.

do you mean the scene in iHost or in eWeLink app?

My primary interest is in using the iHost, but there does not seem to be any difference in which (compatible) devices show up in the list in either iHost’s or eWeLink’s scene builder interface.

I thought that, since the switch and the relay are separate, I would be able to use either as a trigger. It appears that only the relay state (load status - light on or off) appears as a trigger. Am I wrong about that?

I‘d like to loop @Daniel_Zhan from SONOFF team to expand this discussion.

please refer to the below link for the following mode explanation.

As for your feature request – if the MINIR4 is in “Detached Relay” mode, the external switch can be set as a trigger, we will evaluate this feature to see how to implement it.

Thanks, Daniel. I have seen that article; I think that I understand the modes (I am still experimenting!).

I think that you are confirming that the only trigger available with the current firmware is the state of the load. It would be great to have “state of the switches” on your development pathway!