Auto scene cannot detect trigger for device state on when it transitions from OFFLINE to ON state by ‘power-on-state’ configuration

There’s a light switch that I set ‘power-on-state’ to ON. Then, I would like this light switch to trigger when it is ON, turn off a few more other lights.

It works if I use app to turn it on/off (physically switch is ON). Now if I turn it off physically while it is ON, then I turn it on right afterward, the routine can’t be triggered. I guess it is not recognizing state from OFFLINE to ON, it can only recognize state from OFF to ON

As far as the automatic scene detection is changed, the light state changes from on-offline-on, and the state does not change

You can configure the following scenarios:

Automation scenario 1:
If light A is on,
Then turn off lights 1, 2, 3… and perform a click on scenario 2

Click on Scenario 2:
If click
Then turn off light A

Through the above scenario, the effect of turning on lights 1, 2, 3… can be achieved every time lamp A is powered on