Add "change status" to the trigger options

Hi again,

last statement for today, I promise :slight_smile:

to simplyfy the scenes my suggest is to add a trigger status in smart device; today you can trigger a scene if the smart device goes on, or if goes off.

my suggestion is to add a third option that is simply: change status, regardless if this status is now off or on; if something change then do this!

this will be useful when some smart devices have to act in chain or simply when something should be happen when a change occurr

thank you for your patienace :slight_smile:

Hi there, feel free to rise any ideas you have.

Let me talk about out thinking briefly, we know that our users , especially developer guys, have the strong needs to customizing or personalize their scenes to meet the various scenarios, but for eWeLink it’s really difficult to deploy or integrate them all, huge work needed.

So, we found a way which is launch the webhooks feature on eWeLink web, which allow users to generate a webhooks links to trigger their scenes via other third-party applications, or to run another third-party services by the trigger of eWeLink scene likewise, this maybe helpful.

Any suggestion, let’s go deeper.

Thank you yitie, as developer I know that follow any developing request of the customers is a never ending work, so I rise suggestions and obviously I expect that then will be deeply filtered :smile:

Regarding webhooks, maybe I’ve not yet fully understand the whole potential of the functionality. Of course I can use them to interact with ewelink device from a my application but to be used some prerequisites are needed, first of all a platform where a custom application can be developed and exposed directly to internet to be reached from feedback’s webhooks, or a third party service very customizable. Powerful but non immediate.

In this specific case (the “on change” status) maybe will be like shoot to an ant with a bazooka :laughing: