Is there really no Sonoff light sensor?

I can’t find a simple ambient ligh sensor in the Sonoff range, so that a switch can be controlled to turn on a light suring hours of darkness.

This seems such a basic task, but I can’t find the right Sonoff product for it, only PIR movement sensors. Even the simplest floodlights with built-in PIR sensors also sense ambient light to switch off during daylight, surely there is something in the Sonoff range for this?

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Hello. You must write scenery because PIR light off in 2 minutes if no movement detected. If you want that light stays on you must say no light off in the conditions

Use the Sunrise/Sunset fuction instaed. Write two scenes like this:
IF Sunset
Light ON

IF Sunrise
Light OFF

You have to enter your city as well.

this is not what is needed. in your version, everything works through the cloud. and if there is a zb light sensor, everything is configured through the hub and works in lan mode, which is much more convenient. I have many scenes that need a light sensor!!! for example, so that the curtains close not according to sunset, but according to the illumination of the street, since the weather can be rainy and become cloudy long before sunset, and at this time, with the lights on in the house, everything can be clearly seen on the street.

so that only works for super basic settings… what it you want to effectively say, on motion detection - switch light on - but only if after sunset and before sunrise…

or on door open - same logic as above.

Selecting if sunset - will only work at the exact hour and minute which counts as sunset - not as the range of time inbetween. This is a situation I am also struggling with. I would say even with a sonoff hub - a light sensor should technically not be needed - but decent time control, based on dusk / dawn - should be able to achieve most of what is needed

Though a light sensor would still add another layer of reliability to this (though I am of the mindset that this should be for fine tuning - but if basic control can come from simple logic - people should not be expected to throw money at hardware to get to a similar solution)

what it you want to effectively say, on motion detection - switch light on - but only if after sunset and before sunrise…

You can set in eWeLink v5.0.0 an effective period nighttime (from sunset to sunrise).

ok - but my phone shows up to date - and all I have is 4.35.0?

You might be an iOS user. The iOS version of eWeLink App 5.0 will be released later this month.

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you caught me out there :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the new release

With older versions you can achieve the same effect with an extra scene. The advantage of this method is, you can “adjust” the time before and after sunset/sunrise.

Scene 1
IF Sunset 30 min after
Scene 3 Enable

Scene 2
IF Sunrise 15 min before
Scene 3 Disable

Scene 3
IF Door sensor open
Light ON

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What are you wanting to use the light for? I don’t think you’ll find what you are looking for in the Sonoff range.

Maybe a Xiaomi Night Light. I have these in my bathrooms just mounted above my toilet roll holder. You can set ambient light etc…duration of light. Its battery and Bluetooth powered and they are really great.

It’s for controlling high power external flood lights – they need to come on at dusk, but switch off late at night (eg 11pm) rather than staying on until dawn. My plan was to use a Sonoff switch combined with a light sensor.

I think what I will have to do is use a the Sonoff relay purely for the timing, and an external light sensor switch for the light control.

An extra complication is that the premises has unreliable internet! I thought the Sonoff Basic R2 would continue it’s timing function even when Internet connection was lost, but a test suggests it won’t. Elsewhere I use Teckin smart sockets and they have no problem carrying on for weeks without a connection because the time schedule is downloaded into the socket.

Not sure how big a property it is, why not use an iHost and pair up a Sonoff WiFi switch, the classic, to the lights.

Set them to come on a dusk (sunset in scene less 30 minutes for example) and schedule timer off each night at your chosen time.

If on iHost and WiFi is down, they still work.

There’s an old wifi product called the S1. No local mode I think though and there’s was no ability to tweak the settings so you had to be really exact with placing.

Agree - and same story on a simple ‘switch’ input. (Door/Window sensor is a work-around but sometimes you just want a basic on/off or hi/lo input to start something).
e.g. my camper has a gas out sensor which is a simple open/close switch. I solved this by using it to power off a wifi switch and use the ‘offline’ warning as my gas out signal.
An input device or even better an input port on the wifi switches would work great for this sort of task.

It’s a fairly big old hotel, dependent on variable 4G signal for internet access (no wired service available), and with some very thick internal stone walls that don’t help wifi!

Thanks for the suggestion - I’m not aware of iHost, so wil need to look into it.

Why don’t you use a LDR? You can simply control the level of darkness with a trimpot and the cost is minimal, under $1.

Because it also has to be turned off at an adjustable time, rather than staying on all night.

I’ve had a look at the ihost and it looks ideal, and could handle a number of future tasks.

Thank you.

Then connect the dry contacts of a simple time switch with the LDR in serie. So the LDR switches the light on at darkness and the timer switches it off at the disired time.
No internet needed!