Any idea for Light detection sensor?

Hi all,
do you know a Light sensor for Sonoff Zigbee gateway or wifi? I am unsure if this one works with Sonoff gateway: Xiaomi Mi Light Detection Sensor.
I want to use this kind of light sensor (which measures LUXes) to clearly know if the sun is shining or not and based on this I would like to turn on some devices to use power from my photovoltaic system.
Thank you guys!

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This Zigbee one from Xiaomi does not work

I tried before with my iHost.

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light sensor is not supported yet

Thanks! Do you know when it is supported or if any new Sonoff device is introduced soon?

For eWeLink CUBE, it is planned but sadly we can not give a specific timeline.

As of Sonoff, @Daniel_Zhan any schedule on this?

The new SNZB06 presence detector includes a light sensor. But its functionallity is very limited. It can tell if it only detects presence or presence and if the light is off. Also take into accouint you can use dusk / dawn triggers in your scenes that will adjust properlo to summer / winter start of day / night.

A light sensor would be a great addition, I use the dusk/dawn setting for outside but a light sensor for internal lighting would be very cool :sunglasses:

I would also like such a sensor. Recently I have been experimenting with photovoltaic panels and I have such a stupid problem that the inverter tries to turn on when the voltage of the panels without load reaches the appropriate value, but in poor lighting it then drops, which causes an restarts endless loop of inverter before the sun appears. In addition, such a sensor, if it were accurate enough, could also be used to initially assess the profitability of a photovoltaic installation in a specific location, because the output of its measurements as a function of time could be easily converted into the panels efficiency.

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Yes, this is why I need this kind of sensor. I need to distinguish if the sun is shining (the sky is clear) or if the sun is not shining (the sky is cloudy). I think a presence sensor is not a good option because it can’t distinguish a clear sky and a cloudy sky. Also, dusk/dawn triggers are not helping in this case, because it could be a day, e.g. morning, but if the sky is cloudy or there is a fog, then I wouldn’t like to turn on some devices.
I think that the sensor from Xiaomi is great, but it can’t be added to the Sonoff gateway. My humble suggestion is a sensor with PV panel included and this sensor could turn on/off devices based on the voltage performance of the included PV panel :smiley: