When iHost will work with Zigbee 3 lighting sensors?

In home automation, it is important to turn on the light when it is dark, but iHost does not work with the Zigbee 3 certified Mi Light Detection Sensor (Certificate ID ZIG19231ZB330473-24). Mi Light Detection Senso connects to Ihost, but does not send data about illumination. I want to know when iHost will work with light sensors?

Unfortunately, this type( Light Detection Sensor) of device is not currently supported by iHost - because the system does not have a corresponding UI to display.

At present, we will first ensure that the switch and light capabilities of the device access is normal. We will also continue to add some supported categories, for example, the previous wireless switch type products are not supported, in the July version will add this category to achieve support for them.

There is no specific development schedule for Light Detection Sensor at present. We will record this requirement and inform you in time if there is any arrangement.

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