[Discussion] About ZigBee2CUBE and NON-Zigbee 3.0 devices compatibility

On May 12th, we released eWeLink CUBE V1.6.0 , and one of the important new features, provided through the Pilot Features Program, is Zigbee2CUBE. which enables compatibility with NON-ZigBee 3.0 standard protocol devices.

We are delighted to see that many users have already started using this feature and successfully added NON-ZigBee 3.0 standard protocol devices to iHost that were previously unable to be added. We have also received some user feedback, such as "Why isn’t my ZigBee device recognized?” “Why does my ZigBee device appear to be missing some functionalities?” and “Why is the device type displayed incorrectly for my ZigBee device?”

Please rest assured that we have received all your feedback, we appreciated that, and we have figured out some solutions to address these issues. However, as you may know, the compatibility issue with ZigBee devices is a complex and time-consuming project. We cannot guarantee compatibility with all ZigBee devices available on the market, but what we can assure you is that we will continuously try our best to improve iHost’s compatibility with ZigBee devices, especially NON-ZigBee 3.0 standard protocol devices.

Through this post, hoping we can provide you with a quick understanding of Zigbee2CUBE’s compatibility with NON-ZigBee 3.0 standard protocol devices and offer a list of devices that are currently supported theoretically, including the brand, model, and capabilities.

1, What is Zigbee2CUBE, and what is its role?

Simply put, Zigbee2CUBE is middleware or an adapter integrated into the eWeLink CUBE system. It analyzes the model and capabilities (exposes) information reported by NON-ZigBee 3.0 standard protocol devices during pairing and maps them into those that can be recognized by iHost.

2, What are the conditions for NON-ZigBee 3.0 devices to be compatible with and correctly displayed in the iHost web portal?

There are three conditions that must be met simultaneously:

  • The model reported by the ZigBee device falls within the types supported by Zigbee2CUBE.

  • The capabilities (exposes) reported by the ZigBee device fall within the types supported by Zigbee2CUBE.

  • The eWeLink CUBE system has the corresponding UI capability, meaning it can display the device properly, for now, switch classes, lighting classes, and some sensor classes are supported.

3, Where can I find the list of ZigBee devices already supported by Zigbee2CUBE?

Check it HERE
Please note, there are thousand of Zigbee devices available on the market, we can’t test them one by one, so this is a list of devices theoretically.

4, What should I do if my ZigBee device cannot be recognized, or lacks certain features after adding, or has an incorrect device type after adding?

Please place a reply with the specific Brand/Vendor and Model of your devices on this topic, and we will continuously improve the compatibility of ZigBee devices based on your feedback.

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Just for kicks I tried to pair an IKEA of SwedenMotion Sensor - and it is recognized. :grinning:
Would anyone like to add other devices to the list?

Edit: Motion from this sensor is not recognized in iHost.

Edit 2: Battery value is “unknown” and interpreted as “0%” in Homebridge.

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Xiaomi WSDCGQ11LM Aqara temperature,humidity and pressure sensor is now recognized as a temp/hum sensor but it seems not to show any data.

Checking logs show that it send data to iHost, but in the webgui values doesn’t show up …

Also strangely, the zigbee map seems to be broken, it stay on the waiting screen forever.

Same here on the zigbee map! mine is broken too!

What I could connect to the iHost (doesn’t work):
-MOES Smart Switch module with 2 gangs (MS-104B)

What the ihost couldn’t connect:
-MOES ZigBee Wireless Scene Switch with four buttons (ZT-SY-EU4S-WH-MS)

Paired and working ON -OFF xiaomi ZNCZ02LM ZigBee power plug 2500W 10A : recognized as router device.

IKEA| Model:E1744 SYMFONISK sound controller
connects but not supported

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(Xiaomi?) Honeywell natural gas detector lumi.sensor_natgas JTQJ-BF-01LM
connected as light detector.

@Mamatt @vitor.frost
Hi, we’ve tested some Zigbee2CUBE devices and the map does not affected.
We will follow up on your case, please try the zigbee map again and then download & submit the system logs via the Feedback button on Settings page.

Hello @Teki,

I’ll do that asap.
I’ll checked the browser console (chrome in my case) and it seems that the API call is correctly triggered and the answer is correct, BUT the js frontend is raising a error : it miss the name property to render the map. I’ll send you the complete timing as soon as I get home.

IKEA Tradfri Led bulb, works fine!


feeback sent ticket #ID184801

Hi cliff, the sensor you mentioned is TRÅDFRIwireless motion sensor, right?
If not, please let me know the exact model, we need the info and are trying to make it compatible with iHost.

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Hi Mamatt, for now, the Pressure type is not supported, resulting in the datas reported by the sensor can’t be correctly analyzed by the iHost, we will make a plan to add this type of sensor to the supported list, need some time but will keep you posted, tested or verified by you will be much appreciated then.

Copy that, we will see what we can do to support it.

Thanks for let us know kondakos,
As for the sound controller, honestly, I don’t think we will prioritize support because this device type is too specific and we have many more common devices to support.

As for the natural gas detector, we wil trying to find a way to make it supported, but it’s a device with several capabilities mixed, a bit tricky, more time needed.

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I’m using a smart wall switch with socket from Avatto, manufacturer “_TZ3000_66fekqhh” that is working fine. However, when turning on one of the channels, all the others are turned on simultaneously and I cannot control them independently.

Hi @yitie
Yes, “TRÅDFRI wireless motion sensor” is correct.
Thanks, clfberlin

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as zibee2cube is “just” a mapping middleware, I guess it has a mapping table.
Maybe if we can add a custom mapping table, it could be easier to add many more zigbee devices.

Sharing those mappings would grow lot’s faster the compatibility database.

To be honnest I love the iHost concept : being the local point of view for home automation . As a maker/DIY guy, I miss the possibility the get / modify what’s under the hood :wink:

@christiansbalz We’ve got your feedback and device logs, can you please submit the System logs ? refer to this https://appcms.coolkit.cn/ai-bridge/16537.html

Yea, it’s more like “Make your Zigbee devices works with iHost Zigbee2CUBE”, will talk to the dev-team to see if it’s possible.