eWeLink CUBE zigbee device compatibility

Many users are inquiring about the zigbee models that the eWeLink CUBE system supports access, and we will summarize them here for unified discussion in the future.

For the types and limitations of Zigbee devices currently supported by eWeLink CUBE, we recommend that you read this document first: Supported Zigbee Device

First, just because your device is labeled as using zigbee does not mean it is using the standard zigbee 3.0 protocol. Therefore, the eWeLink CUBE device of this kind cannot be directly connected at present.

In addition, even if the device uses Zigbee 3.0 protocol, it needs to be checked whether its tpye and ability is currently supported by eWeLink CUBE. If the device you want to access is a presence sensor, but the current system does not support such device type, without the UI card of such ability , of course, it cannot be accessed. Refer to the document above for details on the types of devices currently supported by the eWeLink CUBE system.

Finally, even with the zigbee 3.0 protocol and the types of devices currently supported by the eWeLink CUBE, such as light type, we found that some devices did not strictly follow the instructions defined by the protocol when communicating with hub. Instead, it uses a proprietary protocol of its own definition - in order, of course, to keep its devices from being controlled by other hub. Such devices cannot be accessed normally at present.

Therefore, if you cannot find the device you want to add during the process of adding, or it cannot be used normally after adding, it basically falls into the above three situations, indicating that the device is not an open device that follows the standard zigbee3.0 protocol, or its ability and device type is not supported by the current system.

In order to further improve the system’s compatibility with various zigbee devices, we are constantly making improvements. First of all, we will continue to update the device tpyes supported by the system. For example, in the next version, the presence sensor and repeater that were not supported yet will be supported. We cannot guarantee the support of all the device categories in the world, but we can only say that we will try to support more and more commonly used device categories.

In addition, in order to try to be compatible with some non-standard zigbee3.0 devices, we have also developed a compatibility addon to try to parse and access these devices, but we cannot guarantee their complete and correct compatibility - we do not have these devices on hand, and cannot test and verify them.

This compatibility addon will also be available in the mid-May release. If your current device cannot be added, you can enable compatibility addon then and try again - even if compatibility addon is enabled, we cannot guarantee that all non-standard devices will be properly connected and used.

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Please improve first the conectiovity with the most basic sensors: temp and humidity. I bought 4 Tuya Zigbee 3.0 temp and humidity sensors. Paired perfectly through Zigbee but no data. Battery says 0% and “—” in temp and humidity fields. This is the model , for references: https://es.aliexpress.com/item/1005004819825173.html

Can you find this product here? Please send us the model and the link if you can, we will try to be compatible with it.

Otherwise, it means that it has not passed the Zigbee 3.0 protocol test authentication. We cannot guarantee that it sends data according to the standard (Tuya may have made some privatisation modifications to suit its needs), and naturally, we cannot guarantee that it can be used normally.

“Smart temperature & humidity sensor”
Model ZN352602
Zigbee 3.0 protocol
Powered by Tuya

We are sorry that we cannot find this mode in the certified product catalog of CSA Alliance, so we cannot guarantee that it can work properly.

How about zigbee devices from Aqara?
I have P1 motion sensor and E1 TRV, which are currently not supported, but are listed in certified list.

Smart Radiator Thermostat E1:This is because iHost currently does not support these types of devices - there is currently no UI card on the system to display them. TRV type products are expected to support in the update in July, you can try it then, if you still have questions, please contact us.

The Motion Sensor is supposed to work, so you can try it out when the new version comes out later this month (expected on the 15th) by turning on compatibility mode.

Hello. Have you tested the aqara motion sensor p1 sensor or does it work on the new update?

Yes I have and the sensor is not working. Packed it alongside with iHost and awaiting new firmware updates.

P1 looks like on the right, on the left is the old version, be careful.

Hi there,

as mentioned in my post (iHost and Aqara H1 wireless switch), the Aqara Wireless H1 switch does not work on iHost.

I just saw on the sonoff.tech website that this particular model is considered to be supported. Please check into it.


Hi Mitakh,

Thanks for the feedback.

Would you mind sharing the log with us so our dev team can take a closer look on this issue?

You can download the log in the settings tab as shown in the pic below: