TRADFRI LED Driver with iHost

TRÅDFRI Driver for wireless control (both 10 and 30 W) pairs seamlessly and works with iHost as expected.
The experience is the same as with Ikea’s bulbs. The same limitations and possibilities. It’s a pity that Sonoff doesn’t offer any Zigbee controller with dimming or colour and white spectrum change. Those from Ikea require too much effort to be worth getting them to cooperate with iHost.

About the ZigBee compatibility, eWeLink CUBE zigbee device compatibility

Due to the large number and variety of non-standard Zigbee 3.0 devices, not all of them are supported by iHost. It’s possible that the Zigbee device you added may show as “Not supported” or have some missing functionality. We will support more device types and capabilities in future versions as we can, TRÅDFRI series from IKEA are
highly requested and we will look deeper.

Thank you for let us know this.

Understandably, not all of them. But it was only to inform this forum participants that power drivers from Ikea work with iHost. I plugged in the 10W and 40W makes, paired them and they work without a problem as the Ikea bulbs do. Bulbs are on the official compatibility list and drivers are not. My only regret is that I can’t easily adjust the light intensity with a Zigbee remote. Maybe someone knows how to do it other than using scenes for stepping changes.

We have tested the TRÅDFRI E14 and E27 bulbs, ON/OFF, dim and color adjustment are supported now, we don’t go far to the TRÅDFRI driver for wireless control yet, may be we can try to get one and see what we can do later, but for now, enhance the stability of the iHost and compatibility with various TF cards are our first priority.

I can’t complain neither on stability nor TF cards compatibility, but I cross my fingers for you and for those who experience problems.

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