IHost to zigbee to thermostat?

When will we know which manufacturer’s thermostat will be compatible with the Zigbee radiator thermostat that can be connected to iHost? I connected a SEA-TRV thermostat. The coordinator can see it and it is visible among the known devices, but no settings are possible

They said on their own thermostat works on their website. I know my Moes TRV don’t as I tested it two days ago. They do work on Home Assistant though.

The iHost will support the SONOFF TRVZB in Nov. We are working on such a development.

I was told it already worked so I tried my TRV. Will it work with TRV manufacturers from other companies? I myself have MOES Zigbee Mini TRV which I bought long before you sold TRV, when on sale cost a similar amount and easily integrate into Home Assistant. I have two rooms on airBnB I may get 3 for there as these look more “idiot proof” and the Moes Mini have +/- touch buttons but there’s no way I’m going to buy even more.
I’ve currently moved almost everything Zigbee over to the iHost: the remaining is mostly these Moes mini TRV, although there’s two buttons, a vibration sensor, a luminosity sensor and a smoke alarm, aswell as a 3 combined door and luminosity and door sensors and a CO alarm that work with neither HA or iHost.
Also when the item works with iHost will you be promoting them to us with a discount? I already receive the email newsletter.
Thanks, Eerke
Also FYI the SONOFF BASIC ZIGBEE which is always out of stock recommends buying instead the Zigbee button, which isn’t the same at all. I myself have 2 Zigbee Minis - which seems a better equivalent. They just need putting in a case.