TRV for eWelink

Hi there,

Is there some thermostatic radiator valve that works with eWelink?

I am trying to solve my home heating system and got iHost, NS Panel and 4Ch pro. The NS Panel is used as a thermostat, connected to the Gas boiler through 4CH Pro`s dry contact. My heating has only one circle so to regulate the temperatures in the rooms individually I need to add a TRV to the system and set a temperature sensor on that TRV to NS Panel. I tried the one from Avatto with zigbee 3.0 but iHost just registers it and that’s about it (no control whatsoever).

I would also like a TRV type added to the iHost because there is no eWelibk version and so we are forced to use another make.

My TRV are from Moes and the Aliexpress page says Zigbee 3.0 whilst their own page just says Zigbee. They connect currently via Tuya but there are lots of YouTube videos of people connecting them to Home Assistant and if they can connect to home assistant they can connect to the iHost. Was actually thinking of putting Home Assistant in a docker and seeing if it could control them but am dealing with loads of bugs as it is. Are your TRV fine in Home Assistant?

I also tried Home Assistant, but the problem there is that in order to add Sonoff devices into HA, you need to install ewelink cube or MQTT add-on, which is not allowed when you run HA in the docker. Workarround is to create those add-on manually, but I was not able to SSH to iHost, because the station does not provide the user name (I only know the password). Maybe if I just remove the SD card and coppy them there it could work, but did not tried that yet.

In addition there would probably be more set up issues with NS Panel as a controller of those TRV which as for my quick research are mostly solved by flashing the device with custom OS. All and all these things would requier a lot of time with high chance that the custom solution might break after some update release and it`s just more efficient for me to pay for something that works.

Hey guys, I just confirmed with Sonoff team. The TRV will be available in the second half of the year.


Awesome. Six of those please. Hope they will be operating on Zigbee.

TRV from SONOFF team is on the shelf now!