TRV Thermostatic Radiator Valve

HI, I have a 7 new TVR Thermostatic Radiator Valve connected through Zigbee Pro Bridge on Sonoff APP. I have access on them and set al options but if I want a create some Scenes TRV is not in list of devices. Does anyone know how to create scenes for Zigbee TRV devices. Also when I connect to the Web Sonoff platform these TRVs are not supported I cannot adjust the options on them.

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They also did not support on iHost!

They told me the iHost ability to control their TRV was coming in November and they’d say when it happened on their social media channels.

I am in the same situation. Ordered 5 TRVZB and can’t use them properly, because in the scenes you can’t add them as triggering device, only as action.

For my set up, i need that any of my TRVZB could trigger a relay in case temperature drops below desired one.

Hopefully they will offer this in the November update.

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I temporarily solved it with one TH16, but it is not a permanent solution

I have a SNZB instead of TH16 as a temporary solution, but can’t get it work properly either.

Even created this Topic here, but no reaction till now.