Sonoff TRVBZ Thermostatic Radiator Valves is now supported on eWeLink Web and CAST

Hi When are Sonoff TRVBZ Thermostatic valves to be supported on eWelink web advanced plan?

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Supposedly, there will be some updates regarding TRV in the December ewelink update, so wait and assess the situation.

Hi there, support for Sonoff TRVBZ Thermostatic Radiator Valves is planned to be added to the eWeLink web advanced plan in the December update. We expect this update to be released on December 29th.

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When is Dec 29th coming??

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Hi there, sorry that the planned device integration on the WEB, initially scheduled for the end of December, has been postponed to March 2024.

Ah well, I was in two minds about getting an iHost and then was kicking myself for missing out on the Christmas discount. Really fancied the local implementation and surely Dec 29 wasn’t far away. Now glad I didn’t.

:smiling_face_with_tear:Sorry for the delay, the team is working on the implementation of Spanish(beta) and dark mode, so we have to make the decision.

OK, the Spanish version I can sort of maybe understand, but to prioritise Dark Mode over basic functionality / integration of one of your new key products???
Surely, you have a product release roadmap where you knew when the TRVZB product was coming well in advance and therefore when planning your sprints you would have matched software development to product release? That’s basic marketing / product release management?
I’ve had Sonoff products for years with Ewelink and really can’t help thinking that what is missing is a solution based view. It feels like a technology led product approach, rather than chosing end consumer end to end solutions and developing products to deliver them.

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I fully agree with the replies, what’s the point in buying eWelink web advanced plan, which I did for the control of TRVZB valves, only now to see it delayed! This does seem to be a common problem with SONoff. Very poor

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The only value for me is that advanced plan offers email notifications but I wouldn’t be paying for it if it wasn’t thrown in with a previous purchase. Here we are at the end of January and there are still many features missing or not working.

We are committed to accelerates the available pace.

Generally speaking, one or two updaes related to the new devices itself before it’s available in the WEB or CAST or any other exclusive features in the advanced plan, because there are many protocols need to align with the device manufacturer, in this case is SONOFF.

Hi there, the Sonoff TRVBZ Thermostatic Radiator Valves is now supported on eWeLink Web and CAST. If you encounter any issues while using the device, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your understanding!

We released the WEB V3.2.0 and the CAST V2.8.0 yesterday, join the discussion here