TRVZB Functional Features Without Mechanical Control of Valve

With iHost I’m using TRVZBs to control my radiators but for 1 radiator I have to use a Thermo- Electric Actuator switched by a Sonoff Wi Fi Basic Switch. To control the Basic Wi Fi switch I use the Sonoff TH10 / 16. So my question is there such a device that has all of the functional features of the TRVZB that does not need to be attached to a radiator valve. I guess an alternative would be to just have a TRVZB mounted on a free standing Rad Valve in the area where I monitor the temperature but that would not be an elegant solution and a waste of a Radiator Valve.

How about NSPanel?

It can assign action devices for thermostat

Thanks- I did look at the NSPanel but was thinking about something simpler (and cheaper) .