TRV-ZB integration issues

I have purchased some on these TRVs, a Zigbee Bridge Pro and a couple of ZBminis to act as routers to give me range to replace my Tado system. Although I can control the valves individually through the Ewelink app I’m having a number of other issues:

  • No matter what I do, although Alexa can see and control all my other Sonoff non-Zigbee devices, I cannot get it to discover the TRV-ZBs?

  • Similarly IFTT cannot see any of the TRVs, only the Wifi ones.

  • I was hoping to use the ZBminis to replace the switching function of my room thermostat and use an NSPanel Pro type device to act as a manual heating on/off switch, with the ability to view / change room TRVs but now have no confidence that this will work.

  • I was expecting to be able to create triggers and scenes that would be initiated by room TRVs going to ‘Heating’ mode to switch the ZBmins to turn on / off the boiler

Having spent a fortune on the TRVs I’m getting the feeling I may have jumped on the wrong bandwagon?

Unless you know better?

Apparently, the next ewelink update will include an option to add trv as a trigger in the scene.

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Havin watched their output on NodeRed i don"t think they update temperature enough. Same is true of other TRV though. What might be possible is a change in state: Eg if any radiator opens trigger boiler:.I suspect a state change triggers an update.