SONOFF TRVZB Now Supported in NODE-Red via EWELink Cube V1.2.1

It is now possible to write setpoints, modes, etc to TRVZB. Has anybody worked out how to programatically change the setpoint yet?

Could you elaborate?

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Playing around this morning I have managed to add a slider that changes the setpoint in 1ºC steps, but it seems overly complicated to me. I’m wondering if there is a more elegant solution?

What is your aim?

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To replicate the Drayton Wiser system that I had installed in a previous home. It is a demand driven system where a user can set any time/temperature profile on a room by room basis and the boiler fires on demand. And learn/have fun on the way oc.

It looks like there is a read/write state attribute on the TRV


However, I’ve tried injecting it into the control device node and it fails. The only way I can see is to set a specific value in the control node UI which is what you are doing above.

I have a room by room profile that fires the boiler up. All the TRV control is done within iHost schedules and the boiler control is in node red. With the new smart screen capability you should be able to create all the logic with smart scenes.

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Thanks mate.

I’m still undecided about whether I want to do the control in the iHost or NODE-Red. One thing that is driving me towards NODE-Red is the fact that, although I can set the ON scene, I have tried to create a Heating OFF Smart Scene that triggers when all zone TRV status’ = KEEPING, but I am only able to set one TRV to KEEPING!

Doesn’t sound right to me?

The other thing I need to do is ensure that, when controlled from the iHost, should any TRV be set into MANUAL mode, that it reverts back to AUTO either, after a set period of time, or at the next setpoint change because at the moment it is persistent and it is driving me mad!

For NODE-Red control, it needs to be the other way around (I think!).

I have the ON and OFF TRV checks to call for heat from the boiler in Node Red. It’s been running without issue for three months so will leave it as is. I can send you a node export if you’d like. I have a daily check at midnight to revert any TRVs from Manual to Auto. I just implemented that in a smart scene on the iHost.

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Yes, please send your node export, I would really appreciate it, thank you.