Control heating on demand with TRVZB

Hello all.
It would be nice if the status of TRVZB (Keeping, Heating) could trigger an action in the scenes.

Currently, TRVZB is not showing up in If this triggers → Smart Device, only in Then that action.

The idea behind this would be that based on based on “Heating” status, trigger a relay to close and for “Keeping” status to open a relay.
The hot water in the heating system in most of the boilers in Eastern Europe are running on demand, meaning that you need to close a contact in case you need to start heating and open the contact when no heat is required.

Currently i did not find a way a proper way to implement the above described scene. Only “workaround”, in my setup is to use a SNZB-02 temperature sensor, define a desired temperature, which is not user friendly to change, without editing the scene and trigger closing the contact from the boiler and force the TRVZB to change the actual temperature to a predefined one in the scene, which is kind of dumb from my point of view.

If this could be implemented, it would mean that you can trigger heating directly from TRVZB, by changing the temperature from the knob.


I even tried setting these TRVZB up in Node-Red, but without any success. So, implementing the above approach in the scenes, would help us a lot.

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I have the same problem. I would like to start my boiler if one of my TRVZB radiator valve is in Heating status. I still have no solution for this problem!

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any thought’s on this?

The only good thing about these devices, for me is that they don’t let the room to overheat :rofl:

When heat is needed they are useless … :rofl: i bought 6 of these and intended to buy another 20 for my home, but due to the missing features i don’t think i would …

Thank you for the detailed suggestion. Please note this is a device feature, so it requires evaluation together with both eWeLink and SONOFF teams. We have submitted this suggestion internally for further evaluation. We will update you if there is any news.

Why is it a feature? i don’t get it … could you please explain for me/us (as a community) how was this product designed to work?

I don’t think that it was designed to have only a really basic functionality in the eWeLink app … and not supported at all in eWeLink web …

Is it possible to have these TRVZB connected to eWeLink app and to Home Assistant in the same time? Maybe i could make the necessary automation from there, or?

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I guess they can not join two meshes simultaneously. I don’t have those TRV but my current smart TRV can’t simultaneously join Moes and Zigbee2MQTT.
Do you have a device with Node-Red? Sometimes there are added triggers that don’t exist in the eWeLink app. Don’t know if TRV work on NS Panel Pro and iHost yet though. Believe iHost function is coming this month.
I may get a few of these smart TRV but having read the manual and watched YouTube videos they are lacking in features of my current TRV so wouldn’t replace any, but they do have a simpler interface.
There are also more features for my current valves in Zigbee2MQTT than ZHA, or atleast settings that can be made without pressing buttons. Not sure there is anything I could do in Z2M that isn’t possible locally.

Based on this “Can be added to Home Assistant by ZHA and Zigbee2mqtt.” i guess that there are much more functionalities/possibilities then in eWeLink app, which is kind of a huge downside for me …

I would like to have one app on mobile, from which i could set up whatever i need and control it from wherever i am …

Having stuff in ZHA or in Zigbee2MQTT and other stuff in eWeLink is kind of complicated for me …

You can control Sonnof stuff from Home Assistant using the Sonoff integration. Think there is an official integration and a third party one I know of. Then there is a Home Assistant phone app. The problem is that it is a local setup so the app only works locally for free. If you subscribe to the people behind Home Assistant/ESP easy etc. there is an easy encrypted tunnel between phone and home assistant wherever you are. You can do it for free but then you have to set up SSH, Port Forwarding, Dynamic DNS etc. Entirely doable but they provide the software for free and it is cheap so I just pay the fee. I actually rarely use the eWeLink app anymore because it’s more flexible. For example there are loads of non-Sonoff stuff I connect to, like my Google-Nest thermostat and front door and a Zigbee Carbon Monoxide Alarm that has no equivalent in the Sonoff ecosystem.

The TRVZB can be set as a trigger in eWeLink in the next upcoming update. DEC version.

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