[Feature Request] Ikea and Philips Hue Dimmers/Remotes Support for CUBE/iHost

There are plans to support Ikea and Philips Hue dimmer/remote in iHost?

Ikea Styrbar Remote and Philips Hue dimmer

Without a physical button it is not always practical to use the lights


Hey leonard, thank you for asking, please excuse my Italian so I have to ask, by any chance that you know dose those two devices are Zigbee protocol?

I’m sorry, I sent a localized version instead of the english page.

All These devices are very common in Europe.
It would awesome to trash all the gateways and just use iHost :star_struck:

Philips Hue Dimmer Switch 324131137411

  • Out of production. I haven’t found any specific information but it looks 100% similar to 324131092621 (AKA RWL021) HERE

Ikea Tradfri ON/OFF Switch E1743

Ikea TRADFRI remote control E1810

Ikea Styrbar
Styrbar looks a Zegbee 3.0 standard device


No worries, thanks for posting the details. I’m on business travel and I will discussion with our development team when I back to office.

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Hi! Do you have any updates on this? :grinning:


I am also interested in connecting IKEA E1743 remote.

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Sorry for late Leonard, have checked with our development team that we haven’t a solid plan for supporting those devices. Will let you know if we make any progress.

Thank you for your response.

I’m really sorry to hear that. I was hoping that at least ZigBee 3.0 devices like Ikea Styrbar would be fully compatible. This forces me to reconsider buying iHost; without physical buttons, it’s not practical to control the lights.

Now that I’ve had iHost for a couple of months, despite its superior hardware, I think it’s more cost-effective to buy a used Homey Athom compared to iHost, considering the same price.

This is not a complaint but an economic consideration that might be useful for you as well if you are interested in the European market.

I don’t want to use custom solutions like Raspberry Pi and Home Assistant; I had high hopes for iHost.

Perhaps if it were possible to write plugins for the Cube platform, other developers could enhance compatibility. I hope that might be an option in the future. Until then, I’ll have to go back to using my old Philips gateway :cry:


IKEA have some accessible and cheap enough ZB devices and are quite popular in Europe. I’m voting for supporting the ZB3 IKEA devices too. I have Styrbar and I would like to be able to use it. Or if there is a way for me to integrate support for new ZB devices, please provide the information. Thanks in advance.


I have at least one of the older tradfri dimmer switches in each room controlling lights and sockets, not having them supported is one of main reasons why I haven’t fully adopted the ihost I purchased yet.

Are there still no options to get these dimmers working with ihost?


That is correct, still nothing and I have tried switched from about 10 different brands and even Sonoff…

Ridiculous. I’m going to look for an alternative device at this point

I am also not happy with this iHost, I will soon install this port of Home Assistant.

:warning: EDIT: as Ward said, there is the danger of hardware failures.
Problems with the ethernet port have been reported

hey @leonard.perfido and @rescuer.tethers0h

There’s a big update coming to iHost’s Zigbee capability. Some should work till then. I can share some info about the update:

The current Zigbee support only recognizes a device by its device type - motion sensor/switch/light

The upcoming one would load device cards based on the devices’ ability set. So a device with multiple switches or sensors should work fine within iHost. But we still need time to get it prepared.

:warning: Also please be aware of third-party ports, some misconfigures could do damage to your iHost permanently. Do check their issue list on GitHub before any flash/hack


I’ve tried about 10 different switches.
The only brand I’ve got working was a MOE switch. But it zapped batteries within a week, I replaced them with branded ones and still 1 week, maybe 2 at best.

Now I thought I had seen iKEA devices are supported. So when I was in iKEA I grabbed a styrbar switch and had hopes it would work.

But nope, will not connect and a quick google says it’s not supported.

So can we please, please extend the compatibility of compatible remotes/switches.

It’s fruitless trying to make a smart home if switches aren’t even compatible, especially Sonoff ones…

Some are, and some are not. You should consult before buying. I know that the eWeLink slogan is “Works with everything”. But be realistic. It’s not possible. eWeLink Support is the logo for the eWeLink ecosystem that aims to connect everything and work with everything. Every device that has the eWeLink Support badge is empowered by eWeLink ecosystem. Excluding, of course, the fake ones that are offered on AliExpress. One has to be careful.