[Feature Request] Ikea and Philips Hue Dimmers/Remotes Support for CUBE/iHost

There are plans to support Ikea and Philips Hue dimmer/remote in iHost?

Ikea Styrbar Remote and Philips Hue dimmer

Without a physical button it is not always practical to use the lights


Hey leonard, thank you for asking, please excuse my Italian so I have to ask, by any chance that you know dose those two devices are Zigbee protocol?

I’m sorry, I sent a localized version instead of the english page.

All These devices are very common in Europe.
It would awesome to trash all the gateways and just use iHost :star_struck:

Philips Hue Dimmer Switch 324131137411

  • Out of production. I haven’t found any specific information but it looks 100% similar to 324131092621 (AKA RWL021) HERE

Ikea Tradfri ON/OFF Switch E1743

Ikea TRADFRI remote control E1810

Ikea Styrbar
Styrbar looks a Zegbee 3.0 standard device


No worries, thanks for posting the details. I’m on business travel and I will discussion with our development team when I back to office.

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Hi! Do you have any updates on this? :grinning:


I am also interested in connecting IKEA E1743 remote.

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Sorry for late Leonard, have checked with our development team that we haven’t a solid plan for supporting those devices. Will let you know if we make any progress.

Thank you for your response.

I’m really sorry to hear that. I was hoping that at least ZigBee 3.0 devices like Ikea Styrbar would be fully compatible. This forces me to reconsider buying iHost; without physical buttons, it’s not practical to control the lights.

Now that I’ve had iHost for a couple of months, despite its superior hardware, I think it’s more cost-effective to buy a used Homey Athom compared to iHost, considering the same price.

This is not a complaint but an economic consideration that might be useful for you as well if you are interested in the European market.

I don’t want to use custom solutions like Raspberry Pi and Home Assistant; I had high hopes for iHost.

Perhaps if it were possible to write plugins for the Cube platform, other developers could enhance compatibility. I hope that might be an option in the future. Until then, I’ll have to go back to using my old Philips gateway :cry:


IKEA have some accessible and cheap enough ZB devices and are quite popular in Europe. I’m voting for supporting the ZB3 IKEA devices too. I have Styrbar and I would like to be able to use it. Or if there is a way for me to integrate support for new ZB devices, please provide the information. Thanks in advance.

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I have at least one of the older tradfri dimmer switches in each room controlling lights and sockets, not having them supported is one of main reasons why I haven’t fully adopted the ihost I purchased yet.

Are there still no options to get these dimmers working with ihost?

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