iHost and Aqara H1 wireless switch

Hi all,

So I have the iHost and am generally satisfied with it, but am still struggeling to find descent wireless rocker switches to work with it.

I tried the MOES ones and they work fine, but after 1 week their batteries are drained. So I got a couple of Aqara H1 (WRS-R02) and they do pair but do not work.

The show up as LUMIwireless button with 3 channels, but that’s it… I also tried to press the switch every couple of seconds during the pairing process and some of my lights change state, but when the pairing is finished, pressing the switch does not trigger any actions and the log stays empty.
The Pairing process only completes when Zigbee2cube is enabled. If it’s disabled, the light change state during the pairing process, but it never completes.

Does any1 have any ideas for me?