Aqara rolller shade showing as a lumin switch in ihost , how to fix it?

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Check the zigbee device types and models supported by the eWeLink CUBE system here

If the device is not the standard zigbee 3.0 protocol or supported device type, the device cannot be correctly connected.

But the aqara roller shade E1 is zigbee 3.0 certified and given in the other supported zigbee 3.0 devices but when pairing with the hub its not identifying its correct cluster its identifying it as a switch where it should identify as a curtain plus i tried adding zigbee2mqtt addon they are also not running giving error do you have any ideas how to make the curtain get properly identified?

I’m sorry that we may not be able to correctly support this product at present. We can only make sure that the product models in the compatibility list are tested and work properly.

Hi, did you have a chance to fix this issue? Or you decided to change the device :)?
I have the same problem and it’s been a while!

I am experiencing the same issue. It states Zigbee 3.0 but when pairing, it identifies as a switch. In Australia, Aqara is the only option to automate roller shades - How can we get this to work please??

Unfortunately, the same thing happened to me :frowning: I was hoping that I would be able to connect the Aqara roller blinds controller to iHost :pensive: not this time…

iHost correctly recognized the roller shutter controller. I can control the blinds. The only thing I miss is battery charge. I’m trying to extract this information with Node-Red, but I can’t do it. Does anyone have an idea how to do this?



If it’s unknown, it might be due to the device not reporting battery level to iHost;

Do you mind submitting the log from the feedback entry on the iHost web UI? Our dev can take a look.

Do you have the Aqara Hub or using the iHost as the hub?

I am currently using an Aqara hub because I added an Aqara GZCGQ11LM light sensor to control the roller shutter motors, which is not recognized in iHost.