Aqara WXKG11LM with Zigbee2CUBE

Hi guys, I am trying to add Aqara Mini Switch to iHost. I have enabled Zigbee2CUBE and according to this list (, that I found on this post ([Discussion] About ZigBee2CUBE and NON-Zigbee 3.0 devices compatibility) the device is supported.
But I put the iHost on pairing mode and press the aqara device reset button to sync, the lights flash but nothing shows up on iHost. Any ideias?

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Hey is that the plain version or T1?

Sometimes, different firmware would cause incompatibility, we’ve notice such issues with Aqara TVOC sensor.

You can try pairing up using the way in the picture

Hi, I have an Aqara wireless remote switch (single rocker). Can I add this switch to IHost? I tried following the instructions above, but it was not successful.
I want to note that Xiaomi’s wireless remote button WXKG01LM
was added to IHost successfully

No idea. Do you know how to identify that?

How did you manage to add it to iHost?

I used this instruction that was provided [jiayu.gou] (See above also)

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Ok! This crazy 1sec pressing after the lights stops blinking did the work. But it took a while for the device to show up on iHost. Anyway. Its is a weird sync but it works.


Hey, has anyone been able to add the Aqara wxkg03lm Wireless remote switch (single rocker) to Ihost?

I don’t have this variation to test at the moment. IKEA/Xiaomi/Aqara generally needs a special way to trigger pair mode. Instructions are on Z2M.