Aqara wireless h1 not working on ihost?

Good afternoon, I recently purchased several Aqara H1 switches without neutral and they all work well with the ihost. To complete the installation I wanted to install an Aqara Wireless H1.

After seeing that this wireless switch is zigbee 3.0 and compatible with ihost, on the page:

I bought it and paired it with the ihost, without any problem. But it doesn’t work, I have created scenes for it as for another wireless button. And it does not execute these, it does not even record the keystrokes in the switch logs.

Is it the correct procedure?
Does this button not work with ihost? As a matter of fact, I tried it with homeassistant and here it does work correctly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Can you not provide any information on how this switch works with ihost?
According to the information from ewelink cube it should work without any problem, but that is not the case…

Me too, after looking at the information from cube, purchased this switch. It was found by iHost, but it doesn’t work. Is there any solution? Sonoff does not have a two-key switch and that’s the problem…