Zigbee wall switch

Is there a plan to release some Sonoff Zigbee wall switch? Ideally multi-touch, with neutral to work as router and dimmable.

I like the design of M5 series, but they are working over Wi-Fi and available only in black color. I know there are some DIY Zigbee switches, but I would like to replace all the old switches in my home inc. covers.

The current solution I was thinking of is getting the Aqara H1. Do you guys have any experience about their compatibility with either iHost or Sonoff Zigbee hub?

Hi there, actually, there is an eWeLink support Zigbee wall switch, but, it’s manufactured by other brand.
You can visit its page here.

Yeah I found that one as well, but even if I ignore the drop icon, it’s a glass design with small touch area to power it on. My small kids would have difficulties turning it on and my wife would not be happy to have another surface to clean from fingerprints. That`s why I prefer the similar look as M5.

Gotcha. Maybe @Daniel_Zhan from Sonoff team knows if there is a plan to produce such a wall switch.

OK so just for reference if anybody is interested in compatibility of Aqara H1 (with neutral) with the iHost, it works perfectly.
iHost paired the switch in seconds, switch can be controlled locally, and it also displays as a router.

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